OCG Cycling Jerseys Let Loose in the Wild

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The best thing about running an online store rather than one with a physical shop front is we can serve anyone in the world.

So recently we sent some of our OCG branded mask jerseys off on an adventure after one of our customers, Ted, wrote telling us of an upcoming ride that was planned? (see, write to us, we do actually read your emails).

The plan? 410 miles and 15,000ft of elevation as they rode through some of the most stunning scenery across the Oregon Central Coast on the West Coast of America.

Ted, John, Kevin, and Todd were the male supermodels as they took them on an amazing journey of gorgeous coastline, winding roads and stunning forest (and yes, a Gater on a bike, still seeking an explanation on that one).

I think it is safe to say "mission big success" for both their ride and the jerseys!

The OCG shirts were a huge hit with the guys and they were really complimentary on the fit and performance"

Check out these stunning shots of their trip over on our Facebook page and any offers of modelling contracts are to go straight to their agent.

Thanks guys for giving them a test run, and for some amazing shots!