Welcome to consistent sizing and our new sizing charts

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Buying cycling gear on the internet. It is so great, yet so frustrating at the same time. 

Cycling gear doesn't make it any easier with just about every manufacturer sizing different to the other. A large in one is an extra-large in another.

Thanks to our no-questions-asked returns policy, we have been able to send over 100 replacement jerseys, bibs, and kits for wrong sizes.

But what would be even better for you as a customer and us as a business is to help our customers get it right the first time.

One size chart for all jerseys

We are pleased to announce as of today, all our men's and women's cycling jerseys have just the one sizing chart.

Even better, we have pimped out our sizing charts with the sizes of 11 of the most popular brands so you can compare what you have already and get that sizing just right.

We've also simplified the charts to just use chest measurement (or stomach, if yours is larger than your chest). It was clear from the respondents that was all that was used when they chose a size.

The brands and sizes chosen were from the most popular answers in our Sizing Survey (have a jersey from OCG? You can go give your answers and get an instant $5 discount code).

Some examples

Let's take one of our Men's Cycling Jerseys as an example.

Wear a Large in a Cavalo (106-110cm)? Easy, you are an XXL in an OCG jersey (106-112cm).

What about an L in an Endura (104-109cm)? That is between two sizes in OCG gear, an XL (100-106cm) and an XXL (106-112cm) so which do you choose?

To be safe, it is generally a good idea to choose the larger of the two unless you like your jerseys to be a tight racing fit.

OCG Sizing Chart

We have had to lose a couple of jersey's while we have these re-made to conform to the consistent sizing charts, but they will be back in no time.

Enjoy consistent sizing, and watch this space for some more announcements to make your purchases even easier.