New OCG Exchanges Trial - No Need To Return Your Item + 80% Off Exchanged Orders

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From the 17th of March, 2020 until further notice, there will be no need to return your original item to us. Instead, you can re-purchase the replacement at 80% off!

We call it "Instant Exchanges".

To avoid putting our customers at risk of the COVID-19 while attending public locations such as post offices and malls, we are implementing a trial of a new exchange policy.

We will monitor the success of the program over the coming months to see if this is something we can implement on a permanent basis.

This also allows us to accept exchange requests for customized orders with personalized text which we could never do previously.

Please go to as normal to submit your request, and we will do the rest!

Read on for more information on the full process.

No need to return items for exchanges

While the Coronavirus cannot be transferred via packages as explained by the World Health Organization and the CDC, we felt it was important to protect the OCG community from unnecessary interaction in public spaces (read more on OCG and COVID-19 here).

So until further notice, we are implementing the trial of a new system for exchanges that do not require the return of the original item.

Should you need to make an exchange, submit your request, then please gift, donate or dispose of the original item as you feel is responsible, and we will arrange a replacement order for those items at 80% off

While this is not a free exchange policy, this now allows us to also accept all exchange requests including personalized orders which were not possible previously.

Now we can process them within 24 hours as we no longer have to wait for the package, check it, cross-reference it to a customer, and then process the exchange.

This will ensure the fastest possible process of returning and exchanges while allowing those at risk, or under self-isolation to still change their purchases.

To make your exchange, please go to and submit your return anytime within 60 days of receiving your order.

We will get the new order arranged for you and send you an email to the address on the order with instructions on how to finalize the exchange.

We hope the faith we are showing in the trustworthiness of our OCG community will mean we can implement this system in the long-term.

Can I exchange personalized/customized orders?

Yes! Thanks to this change, we can now allow exchanges and returns of customized orders. Hoorah!

What if I want a refund, not an exchange?

Under normal conditions, if a refund was needed, we would need the item to be returned to us for us to process the refund.

However, considering the extenuating circumstances, we are temporarily allowing refund requests without the return of the item.

We encourage everyone requesting the refund, especially if it is for size, to please donate your gear to a worthy charity or cycling based cause to help pay it forward.

(If you are a charity or cause and wish for a formal arrangement with us for these items, please contact us, we are actively looking for a cause to direct the OCG customer to donate to)

I have already returned my package, what do I do?


We will process and honor the free exchange policy it was sent under as normal.

We will get to all exchanges as quickly as possible.