New Larger Women's Sizing is Here!

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At the end of last year, we ran a survey on if our women's jerseys were too small, just right, or too big.

It was going to be an amazing business decision, giving us clarity on what to do with that range.

The results, not so much:

Survey Results

It was split, some saying it was as expected, some saying too small, others saying too big, we were confused.

But, after getting in touch with some of the OCG community asking them to directly compare their gear to some other brands, we finally made the decision.

Women's Cycling Jerseys

As of March 11th, 2020, all women's jerseys are now one size larger than before.

We did this back in 2018 with the men's range and it was a resounding success for you and for us.

This is only for women's jerseys. Women's shorts, bibs, and the men's range stay exactly the same.

So what does it mean if you have bought previously?

If you bought a women's jersey size Large before, you would now buy a size Medium. Bought a size XXL? Now it is a size XL.

Basically, buy one size below what previously fit.

It also means we can now make all the way up to 6XL in the entire women's range.

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Women's Cycling Underwear Briefs

No survey was needed to figure out if our padded cycling underwear briefs for women, were too small. We knew they were, but to this point, our distributor could not fix it for us.

So instead, we got rid of that distributor, and now we make all of our cycling underwear (shorts and briefs) in-house.

This means women's underwear briefs are now two sizes larger than before.

If you bought in size XL before, they are now a size M! (I told you they were small).

All of our sizing charts have been updated accordingly, but any questions, please let us know.

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