We Just Cut US shipping Times by Half (or more)!

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We know over the past three years, shipping times were our biggest weakness.

We wanted to ship faster, but we also wanted to keep sending our gear free worldwide.

But you really (really) wanted faster shipping times.

So we bit the bullet and signed an agreement with USPS priority for US shipments from now on!

The difference in shipping time?

Free shipping to the US is now, on average, 5-8 days (days, not business days) from the time of dispatch.

Check out the recent orders we sent with this USPS Priority in secret:


In other words, in some cases, at least 50% faster! Even during COVID-19.

Even better than that?

We are eating the extra shipping costs to keep shipping free.

Granted, it tastes like reheated pizza in the morning (gross, but still somehow, so so good), but we are eating it all the same.

Even better... erer ...er?

We are keeping our product pricing exactly the same.

So great priced gear shipped faster and still free.

What are you waiting for?

Sounds to me like you don't have enough cycling gear!