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Greg Robertson is an avid sports fan who loves to watch and participate in competitions. However, it wasn’t always the case. When Greg entered his adulthood, practicing sports became a distant habit. It was only in 2020 that he fell back on the sports path. After realizing how much he missed it, he found ways to incorporate training into his routine, which keeps him active and always eager to go on his outdoor adventures.

How did it all happen? It was mid-2020, and Greg had a bike that sat unused for 7 years. When he finally gave the bike a second chance, he gradually started his journey.

“Having access to a bike allowed me to start a journey of only a few km at a time, from there I set up many goals and wondered how far I can push my bike.”

Now, Greg is a triathlete, living a dream that started in 2000. Back then, he remembers watching the Olympics as a kid and seeing Simon Whitfield win the Gold Medal in Triathlon. Since that day, Greg wanted to complete a triathlon. When the lockdown and Covid pandemic started, Greg decided to see it as an opportunity to focus on his fitness and realize his childhood dream.

In the meantime, what started for fitness became an activity that brings Greg joy. For him, cycling means freedom. It’s his way to get around the city, allowing him to leave the car at home and take in his neighborhood. On two wheels, he loves to admire how active his city is.

Greg OCG Brand Ambassador

Always pushing himself further, Greg has already established new goals. After completing an Olympic Distance Tri this Summer, he wants to complete an Ironman 70.3 and bike 100 km in one day. To accomplish that, he has the support of his wife and his friend Nick. It was during a road trip with Nick, back in 2019, that Greg realized for the first time he could achieve the goals he had set out for himself.

Seeing others compete in races and do things they never thought they would do is one of Greg’s biggest inspirations. And that’s something he keeps in mind whenever he faces a new challenge. Now, like a lot of people, he struggles with time or the lack of it. With triathlon, he has to fit in training for 3 different sports, while making the most of a less-than-ideal bike setup.

Following the main lesson cycling taught him, Greg keeps his mantra “You can do it. No matter the challenge, your body can do it. It is the mind that keeps you back. In life, just keep moving.”

Read Greg's take on his performance this Summer!

“​​The experience this Summer has been great! After last season doing these races on my own, I joined a team. This was an amazing, rewarding experience. Working with other beginners made me feel less alone out on the races and having that support made me know I could get it done.

This Summer, my main goal was to complete an Olympic distance race. This was a long 4-hour race, with a lot of emotions both positive and negative. That being said, the feeling when I crossed the finish line made it all worthwhile. Next year I want to step it up and do an Ironman 70.3.”

Greg’s Choices

Being a triathlete, Greg needs high-quality performance apparel that will keep him comfortable during both training sessions and competitions. All while showcasing his cheerful personality and style. For that, we are helping him get kitted out to achieve all his goals!

Greg's Choices