Jimmy Roberts - OCG Ambassador

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Jimmy Roberts - OCG Ambassador

In the mid-’80s, watching the Tour de France, Jimmy Roberts discovered cycling and became mesmerized by the bikes, equipment, and speed. More than 30 years later, cycling continues to be a part of his life as a path towards a more healthy routine.

Jimmy started racing in the early ‘90s, after meeting some local triathletes and purchasing his first road bike from one of them. The person who sold him his first bike ended up being one of Jimmy’s best friends and training partners through the years. In the Mississippi State Games road race, Jimmy won a bronze medal in his age group in 1993, and a silver medal in 1995.

As life went on and his schedule got busier, Jimmy parted ways from his bike. Until recently. After a long time away from the bike, a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes made Jimmy return to the trails. His main objective is to drop weight and improve his overall health to reverse diabetes so he can be around for his two kids, and healthy for many years to come.

OCG Ambassador Jimmy Roberts

“Several times during the years life got in the way of my cycling journey, the biggest of which was Hurricane Katrina. While consistently training with a group of cyclists for an upcoming century ride, the hurricane hit and changed everything. We were only a few weeks away from the event. The destruction to our community was so catastrophic that I hung up my bike for years, until recently.”

Now, Jimmy has the support of his girlfriend and best friends he’s met through cycling to keep going. He also dedicates his time to talking and motivating others on a similar journey. For him, each ride is a brick in a wall, and his healthy diet is the mortar between the bricks, constructing a solid wall of health and fitness.

This year, Jimmy’s main goal is to lose 35 pounds by the end of 2022. And he is getting close to achieving it! A minor knee injury in September slowed his progress, but during his recovery time, he upgraded his bike in preparation for the upcoming year. Jimmy also prepared for cooler weather with some fleece-lined long-sleeve OCG jerseys and bib tights to help him achieve his weight loss goal by the end of the year.

Jimmy is also training for one of the largest gravel events in his home state in April 2023. His ultimate goal for the upcoming years is to enter and finish the most popular gravel race, Unbound Gravel, in Emporia (KS), and ride the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway. He finds in his son and daughter the motivation to achieve these goals.

Tyler Pierce and Jeremiah Bishop, both elite cyclists competing in a full range of cycling events, are Jimmy’s biggest inspirations. Their documented series “The Impossible Route’’ is definitely on Jimmy’s must-watch list.

OCG Ambassador Jimmy Roberts

“Cycling is definitely an escape from reality and a great opportunity for adventure.”

Jimmy loves the simplicity of cycling. Getting on his bike, trying planned routes, and discovering new ones during his rides are fun. Working on bikes and building them from bare frames and forks with new components make him happy. But it doesn’t mean there are no obstacles in his way. Fitting rides into an odd and busy schedule can be challenging, and so can the southern summer heat and humidity. With its moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, his OCG jerseys and base layers help him stay comfortable and protected, allowing him to focus on his goals.

So, when Jimmy faces challenging conditions, he likes to remind himself of the most valuable lesson cycling has taught him, “to never underestimate yourself, you are capable. Sometimes the most epic days on a bike are the cold or rainy days, so don’t shy away from those rides because of the weather.”

Jimmy’s Choices

Facing challenging weather conditions, Jimmy needs high-quality performance-based cycling apparel that ensures protection and long-lasting comfort throughout his rides. For this, OCG is helping him get kitted out and ready to achieve his goals!

Jimmy Roberts Choices OCG Ambassador