Andy Stokes - OCG Ambassador

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Andy Stokes is an accomplished road cyclist with several full centuries, numerous metric centuries, and countless other rides under all weather conditions. He rides a 2007 Schwinn Peloton and considers riding one of the best expressions of liberty. Andy is also a cyber security professional with 20 years of experience in the Aerospace & Defense, Telecom, and Finance domains.

His fantastic cycling journey started in 2006. Back then, Andy’s oldest son, inspired by Lance Armstrong, wanted to ride a bike. Andy found a heavy and old 10-speed and told him he would upgrade his bike and kit as he improved. After taking his son to a couple of local rallies, Andy decided it could be fun and wanted to ride, too. That’s when he bought his own bike.

After riding in a couple of rallies on his own, Andy knew he was hooked. He signed up for a couple of full centuries with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Lake Tahoe and rode the MS-150 rides in North Texas.

“Cycling is, for me, an ultimate expression of liberty and freedom. It is also a great way to meet people and even give back to the community through fundraising for various charities.”

After riding for 7 years, Andy took a break in 2013 to dedicate himself to running. Following four half-marathons and some knee injuries later, he got back on the bike in 2018. Today, he rides in memory of his youngest son, who died in 2007, and also for those who can’t. With the support of his wife and oldest son - his “road crew” and SAG wagon - he is determined to achieve this main goal for 2022: to ride at least 2000 miles.

Andy Choices OCG Ambassador

“I like that cycling is “Andy-Powered”. How well I do or how much I enjoy the ride is all ‘on me’!”

Andy’s grandchildren are his biggest inspiration. He wants to show them that their grandfather can have fun riding a bike, and they can too. Andy wants them to see cycling as a healthy and fun activity they can do anywhere.

Always motivated to have fun and ride on less-traveled roads, Andy cherishes the essential lesson cycling has taught him: patience. For him, being first is not as important as just finishing.

We can’t wait to join Andy on these new adventures and see what challenges and great stories will come next!

Andy’s Choices

Andy is an experienced cyclist who enjoys new adventures under all weather conditions. For this reason, he needs high-quality performance apparel that ensures weather protection and long-lasting comfort. So he can focus on cycling and have fun on all his trails.

Andy Choices OCG Ambassador