The Annual "How We Suck" Survey Results Are In!

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Adam here, founder of OCG, and I wanted to start by saying thanks for the amazing support of everyone in 2018, it was our best year yet!

Last month we asked you all to tell us "how we sucked" last year via our annual survey. People still think we are crazy for wanting bad press, but it is how we steer the direction of OCG, based on your feedback and suggestions.

So here are results and stats for 2018 (keep reading, we have some exciting announcements at the end).

First, the basic stats of OCG in 2018

In 2018 we sent 6,174 orders to customers in 24 countries across every continent of the world except Antarctica all for free (not a big cycling scene in Antarctica).

Top five things most often bought in 2018?

  1. Smokey Bear Prevent Wildfires Cycling Jersey
  2. Retro 1986 7-Eleven Descente Cycling Jersey
  3. Honor the Fallen USA Flag Cycling Jersey
  4. Retro Molteni Arcore Cycling Jersey
  5. Women's Rosie the Riveter Cycling Jersey

How we sucked

Now the juicy stuff, how we sucked the most according to over 350 OCG community members who took the anonymous survey:

  • 41.2% said the free shipping times are too slow and/or time between ordering and dispatch was too slow
  • 32.7% said tracking wasn't great
  • 11.1% said you had sizing issues or sizing chart problems
  • 10.9% said they had some issues contacting us

There were other things that came through as suggestions as well:

  • The range of accessories needs to be larger
  • We need more women's designs
  • Pro-Band should be the standard type of bib/short on all items
  • We need to stock Cycling Jackets

... and many more, so thank you to all who contributed. Oh and to those who used our "How we sucked" survey to tell us we didn't, we noticed that too, thank you!

So what are we going to do about it?

Well, we have already started:

Welcome Jo and say hello to Live Chat!

Jo has joined us as a dedicated community support member to answer all your email questions and be available via live chat.

We are so happy to have her on board, and it means our live chat will be live for an extra 8 hours a day while allowing John to move into the design team where he belongs ;)

Warehousing is coming soon

We are moving into the final stage of firing up our first OCG warehouse to stock the most popular designs in the range and a larger range of Accessories.

This is the first of a planned three in the network, with the first allowing us to still ship worldwide for free while bringing dispatch and shipping times down by a third.

It also means anything warehoused will be dispatched with 24 hours of ordering. Anything not warehoused? Don't worry, we'll still make to order as we do now letting us stock the largest range of designs still shipped free worldwide.

For the ladies, by the ladies

We are so happy to announce an even tighter relationship with VIXEN Cycling, a brand we partner with early last year to bring female designs to the store made by actual women's cyclists.

In fact, new designs are already dropping into the store, so check them out.

Much more ahead

That's just the start as we address each part of your feedback as best we can through 2019. And maybe, just maybe, we can get that illusive Antarctica sale in 2019.

Ride safe!