Add Your Own Side Panel Text FREE This Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday was always about great savings on the latest technologies online.

Well, being the nerds we are (read more about us here), we have decided to "beta test" a new feature we will automate and make public in coming months. 

For this Cyber Monday only, you can add your own custom side panel text on any jersey in store.

Maybe it is your name, your favorite cyclist, or a comment to drivers going past.

Whatever it is, you can add it for free, but only on Cyber Monday before the feature disappears into the dark corners of our programmer's room once again.

How do I add my text?

To add your custom text, just head to a product page, and look for the new custom side panel text field while selecting your jersey options:

Add Text to Cycling Jerseys

Where will it appear?

Any text you add will be printed on both side panels free of charge. All text will be uppercase as shown in the image below.

If there is already text on the side panel of a jerseys design, it will be removed and replaced with yours.

So if you add "FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM", we'll add it to any jersey like so:

Fighting For Freedom Jersey

Can I Change Colours, Fonts etc?

As this is a beta test of a new feature, at the moment there is no option to change colours of fonts. However! We will do our best to match the theme of the jersey, and the default will be as you see in the image above.

Bold, easy to see and contrasting with the main jersey colour.

As there is limited space on the side panel, the text is limited to 25 characters and one line only.

Cyber Monday Only!

This deal is not only for Cyber Monday, but the entire feature will disappear again at midnight until we have it completely automated (we'll be doing your order manually for now).

Spread the word, and let us know what you think of this new feature idea?