Express Shipping to USA, Canada and Australia Now Available

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Finally! Yep even we say it.

Last week we introduced free exchanges for US customers via FedEx and DHL.

As of today, all orders containing only jerseys, kits, bibs, caps, shorts, arm and leg warmers now have the option of express shipping.

Hoo-bloody-ray! Right?

We get it, while free shipping to pretty much everywhere in the world is great, there are those times when you just need it faster.

Maybe it's a riding event, perhaps a gift, maybe you need to wear it to embarrass your 12-year-old at their Birthday party (only me?).

You didn't like we couldn't get it there in time, and we liked it even less.

As requested by the OCG community

Recently we took a survey of a random cross-section of the OCG Community via email (thanks to those that responded) asking to give us the two things they wish OCG could improve first.

The results were crystal clear.

  1. Faster shipping options
  2. Closer to western sizing

The good news is we are very (very) close to a solution on the sizing front (for now, remember to check those sizing charts), but the better news is express shipping is here.

Why only clothing?

You will have noticed we have excluded gloves, glasses, underwear and socks from the list.

Why is that? 

We actually ship out of two different factories. Our main manufacturer makes our jerseys, kits, shorts, bibs, caps, arm and leg warmers, while the second specialises in accessories (socks, underwear, sunglasses, gloves etc.).

We have a very specific (and unique) business model needing a very specific type of partnership, so, for now, that has been the best way to get the largest range of great gear to you at bargain prices.

We have been able to make the express logistics work for our main apparel manufacturer, and we continue to try to consolidate our range so this can be made available on all items.

What if I want a jersey and an accessory?

If you need your apparel express but still want to order gloves, for example, you are best to split your order, making one order for all apparel items which will make the express shipping option available, and a second for accessories to use our normal free shipping.

Again, we are working on this for the future.

What about the UK and other parts of Europe?

Express shipping is coming to you very soon, once we finalise a stable pricing table with our dispatch company.

Until then, it is available to the USA, Canada and Australasia.

How long does Express Shipping take?

A typical order to the USA will follow this sequence:

Order Placed -> 2-4 days for processing and dispatch -> 2-4 business days for delivery by either FedEx or DHL (depending on your location).

Please keep the dispatch time in mind when ordering for events and specific dates.

Again thank you to all that provide feedback to us on a daily basis via email, our Facebook page and everywhere else, and keep a lookout for more announcements soon around shipping and sizing.

Safe riding!

Adam (Founder, OCG)